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  • Moving in together is a big step, and it takes communication and cooperation to downsize two homes into one.

  • Renting a storage unit is just one way to ensure both people’s needs are met when a couple is moving in together.

Moving in together comes with its share of advantages, but it comes with its share of challenges as well. When you combine two households into one, both of you can plan on downsizing. While some might consider this a beneficial endeavor, others may not be too keen on the idea. Following some tips from Myspace Self Storage, you can make the process run more smoothly.

Toss the Items You Should Have Long Ago

Do you and your partner have items that you should have tossed in the trash a long time ago? Perhaps you have an old recliner that is stained and falling apart. Haul it to the dump! Maybe your dog ripped up a blanket or two, and you have them sitting in a corner. Throw them out! Sometimes just taking a moment to look at what you can throw away immediately can free up a lot of space.

Consider Which Items Are in Better Shape

Take inventory of needed items that are in both households. For example, you might make a list of furniture and home goods that you both have. Most likely, that list will include two couches, two dining room tables, two sets of dishes, etc. What can you live without? You obviously need a couch, but which couch is in better condition? When it comes to comfort, which couch hits the mark?

If you can’t agree, list out the pros and cons of each and make your decision that way. The items that aren’t in as good of shape as the others can be sold in the local classifieds, hauled to a thrift store, or donated to a local charity.

Work Together at Decorating

Before anyone moves into the other partner’s home, all the décor should be taken down. Photos should be removed from the walls, vases and decorative bowls should be removed from the tables, and curtains should be removed from the windows. After one partner has started moving things over, you can look at both sets of décor and decide together how you want the home to look.

If the home was previously a bachelor pad, do you want a more feminine touch? Do you want to change up the color scheme? Do you have photos of the two of you together that you could hang on the walls? How about photos of each of your families or pets? Working together, you can make the home uniquely yours as a couple, and that might include donating your old décor and buying something new.

Rent a Storage Unit

There’s a chance you’ll both have great items that you could use later in life, so you don’t want to get rid of them. If you need to store larger items, such as furniture, you might look at options for larger storage units. Keep in mind, many couples don’t stay in the same home forever. You might be moving into a small apartment right now, but is a family home your goal? You’ll need that furniture, so don’t be afraid to hang onto it.

Maybe you have worked together to downsize and are satisfied with the space you have for your belongings, but you have some personal items you need to store. Maybe there’s an old dollhouse that has been handed down for generations, or a few boxes of photos from your grandmother. You may not necessarily need those items in the home, but that doesn’t mean you have to get rid of them. A storage locker might be the perfect solution.

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