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Benefits: Climate-Controlled Storage


There’s a time and a place for things to be very cold or very hot. Your storage unit isn’t the time or place for either one of those extremes.


Many times, people choose to use storage units to protect special items, including art, wine collections, antique furniture, and more. If you have items that you want to keep in pristine condition while they’re in storage, a climate-controlled storage unit can be an excellent location to keep them safe and sound.


We’ve put together a few ways climate-controlled storage can make your life easier, less cluttered, and more secure: 

1.  A climate-controlled storage unit protects your possessions.

When you choose a climate-controlled storage unit from MySpace Self Storage, you’ll be able to add an additional layer of protection for your items. Specifically, climate-controlled storage can eliminate issues related to excess humidity.


Humid air can wreak havoc on your possessions, destroying their value and usefulness and negating the benefits of placing them in storage at all. And, a climate-controlled unit can also protect your items from being exposed to extreme temperatures.


In a non-climate-controlled unit, your items can easily reach low temperatures in freezing or chilly weather or can see temperatures skyrocket when the weather gets hot. Coupled with humility, those temperature fluctuations can allow mold and mildew to destroy your prized possessions.


In a climate-controlled space, however, your items will be maintained at an ambient temperature that keeps them protected from some of these challenges, and in great shape for when you’re ready to use them again.

2.  A climate-controlled storage unit gives you peace of mind.

While any reputable storage facility will have safety measures in place to protect you and your items, you may feel additional peace of mind when using a climate-controlled facility.


Why? Climate-controlled storage unit buildings typically have limited points of entry and employ additional security measures, like surveillance cameras, to protect you when visiting and to protect your items when you’re not on site.

3.  A climate-controlled storage unit gives you the gift of time.

Many people choose to use storage units after inheriting items, particularly large items like furniture, from relatives who have passed away or who are no longer in their homes.


When a family member or relative moves to an assisted living facility, for example, it can be a transition that occurs with little advance notice. Instead of frantically trying to sell their possessions during the moving process - along with signing paperwork, putting a house on the market, and more - using a storage unit can give you extra time to sort and organize their items and to help them make informed choices about their possessions.


Even if you’re only dealing with your own possessions and not with any inherited items, you can still give yourself time to carefully consider items and make decisions, rather than rushing to a rash judgment on whether you need something in your home.


As an example, a woman once inherited a piano from a family member while she was living in a small apartment. While she wasn’t sure it was something she’d ever use, she also hated the thought of letting the 100-year-old instrument and all its sentimental history go.


By securing a climate-controlled storage unit, she was able to keep the piano until she had a family and moved into a larger home; now she has the piano all tuned up and displayed proudly in her own home, where her children enjoy using it regularly.

4.  A climate-controlled storage unit gives you a great location for organization.

Sometimes, it can be difficult to make it through sorting and organization processes when you’re trying to tidy your home, office, car, or garage. A storage unit can give you the gift of extra space to make those projects and processes possible.

If you have a cleaning project you know you won’t finish in a two-to-three-hour block, it can be very discouraging to have the items spread around your home. In this situation, they simply add to the existing clutter and take up space.

Moving them to a storage unit, however, gives back some of the space in your home. It also gives you a great place to sort and organize in a vacuum, undistracted by the regular everyday cares you face at home.

And, in a climate-controlled unit, you can work through your organizational projects at a time that’s right for you, right there on site. Just bring your phone with some movies downloaded, and you can make your next organizational project peaceful and downright enjoyable!

Climate-controlled storage can come at an additional cost, and you may be wondering whether it’s worth it to spend those extra dollars on storage. If you’re planning to store precious and valuable items, though, it can definitely be money well spent.

Storing items like furniture, wine, antiques, photographs, art, formal clothing and more makes sense in a climate-controlled unit; the replacement cost and the sentimental attachment can make the additional security and peace of mind invaluable.

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