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What’s the Best Way to Store Holiday Decorations?

If you’re like a lot of people, you might have a huge stash of holiday decorations for each holiday, and putting them up and down every year can become a full-time job! While this may be something you enjoy, it could also get challenging trying to figure out how to store all those decorations. What if you break something? What if you can’t find it for next year? The good news is there are a few holiday decoration storage tips and tricks to keep you from getting frustrated the next time a certain holiday rolls around.

Purchase the Right Containers

Some decorations have containers that were created just for specific items. For example, there are round wreath boxes with plenty of space inside to fit wreaths of all sizes. There are ornament cases with individual spots for each Christmas ornament. Some cases might even have padding in each spot if you are storing glass ornaments. Christmas trees have options such as large bags that keep the tree safe and secure, and there are rolling bases you can load the tree in and out with. Whatever decorations you have, there are probably containers made just for them, so shop around to get what you need.

Don’t Overpack the Boxes

Anything you put in a box should be carefully and loosely placed in there. You don’t want to overpack any boxes containing your holiday decorations. If you do, you’re bound to find that something has broken throughout the year, and you won’t be able to use it for the next year. When you overpack your holiday boxes, you also run the risk of smashing or wrinkling items that should be neat and tidy. Your wrinkly decorations just won’t look as good as those packed properly and given plenty of space.

Wrap Your Breakables

If you have decorations that are breakable, you should wrap them before placing them in any type of storage boxes or containers. Even when you’re really careful with your items, breakables can become destroyed by someone else when a box gets dropped, when something falls on that box, or in extreme weather conditions. If you properly wrap your items, there’s less of a risk of breakage.

Protect Cloth Items

If you have a Christmas tree skirt or any other holiday decorations that contain fabric or other types of cloth, you should protect them and keep them properly sealed. Bugs can get into the fabrics of your decorations, putting holes in them and leaving droppings in them. Proper protection for cloth items also reduces the risk of mold and mildew growing on your items.

Label the Containers

If you want to easily get to the right decorations when it’s time to change them, be sure you label your containers when you put them away. If you don’t want permanent markings on them, stick a piece of painter’s tape on the box and write on the tape. You can remove it to reuse the box as you see fit after each holiday.

Consider the Right Storage Location

You don’t want to store your decorations just anywhere. Putting them in a damp basement or crawlspace could induce moisture damage. Storing them in the garage could take up too much space and lead to other types of damage.

Storage units are a great solution. With climate-controlled units, you don’t have to worry about mold or mildew. With high-security features, you don’t have to worry that your items will be vandalized or stolen. There are storage units of multiple sizes, so regardless of the number of decorations you have, there’s always a unit that will fit what you have.

Getting Started With MySpace Storage

If you have all your decorations boxed up and protected properly, it’s time to get yourself a storage unit. Contact MySpace Self Storage today to find a location near you and to get your decorations in storage.



Image Credit: Shutterstock/ perfectlab