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Business Storage 101: How to Store Documents, Inventory, and Other Assets

Take your business to the next level with self-storage at an off-site facility.

Business storage can be a game-changer. With commercial real estate at a premium, extra space is hard to come by for many small- and medium-sized businesses. From sporting goods stores to real estate agents to law offices, companies in almost every industry can benefit from off-site business storage.

From saving money to giving your storefront or office a fresh new look, MySpace Self Storage explains how storage units can help streamline your business, save you money and improve your bottom line.

Archiving Records

Accounting firms, insurance companies, legal offices, and other businesses can be overrun by records. Although cloud storage and other digital services help lighten the load, attorneys and other professionals still need hard copies of many documents.

Many firms are paying top dollar rental rates for file rooms, which is space that can be better utilized by productive personnel. Climate-controlled self-storage is the perfect solution for those boxes of papers taking up prime real estate at your work site. You'll have easy access to important records at any time while freeing up space in your high-rent office.

The Cost of Inadequate Business Storage

Many businesses lack space inside the warehouse, office, or storefront. Some resort to storing inventory, equipment, and supplies in outdoor settings that may not be designed to properly protect these items. The result is often damaged or stolen items that are costly to repair or replace.

Storage facilities are a much smarter option. With features like security surveillance, site-wide lighting, lockable doors, and climate-controlled storage units, a well-run facility offers peace of mind and excellent protection from shrinkage due to theft and the elements.

How to Store Items for Maximum Efficiency

Maintaining the same inventory control system you use for items stored on-site is helpful. It's essential to know what items are stored and where both for organizational and insurance purposes. How you store items is equally important.

Make it easier for everyone to find what they need by keeping frequently used supplies or items you plan on using soon in the front of the unit. No one wants to dig through mystery boxes to find what they need, so label everything clearly. Clear plastic bins or a shelving system work well for most businesses.

From tax attorneys to organic farmers, almost any business owner can get organized and save space, time, and money by investing in affordable storage for businesses.

Follow these tips from MySpace Self Storage in Mid-Michigan to get your business in tip-top shape. With convenient locations in Brighton, Flint, and Lansing, MI contact us today to reserve a unit or get answers to your business storage questions from our friendly and knowledgeable staff.