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Choosing the Right Packing Supplies for Your Next Move

MySpace Self-Storage carries packing and moving supplies for every purpose

Whether you're minimizing, downsizing, going away to school, or relocating across the country, knowing which packing and moving supplies you'll need can be challenging. MySpace Self Storage is here to take the mystery out of storing household or business items with quality packing materials!

Moving Boxes & Kits

Typically, cardboard boxes and a roll of tape are the bread and butter of moving and storing supplies. With a strong and sturdy cardboard box, you can store and protect the majority of your belongings, from clothes and books, to dishes, to electronics. The key is to use the right type and size of the box given the types of items that will be stored in it. For instance, a cardboard box will hold your plates and glassware, but a dish kit or glass moving kit are specifically built with partitions and dividers to separate and protect individual breakables. Conversely, a wardrobe box comes equipped with a hanger bar that allows you to move your clothes right from the closet into the box and then back to the closet again without having to fold everything up.

Other cardboard products include:

In-Fill Materials

Whereas a cardboard box is the perfect starting point for storing your stuff, in-fill materials are what prevent your belongings from moving around and potentially breaking during transit or storage. In-fill materials, such as foam packing peanuts, bubble wrap, and packing paper, occupy all of the empty nooks and crannies in your boxes, which is vital for keeping things from shifting around and becoming damaged. 

MySpace Self Storage carries the following In-fill products:

Sealing Materials

With your box selected and filled with the appropriate infill product, the only thing left to do is seal up your boxes tightly. At a minimum, you should use packing tape to seal each individual box on the top and especially the bottom. This will prevent the bottom of your box from falling out when carrying heavier items. If you plan to store your boxes for a long time and want to give them an added layer of protection from dirt and dust, shrink-wrapping your stack of boxes will keep them clean and can help prevent boxes from moving.

To seal your belongings, consider purchasing:

Furniture & Mattress Protection

Cardboard boxes are great for smaller items, but what about large items like furniture? While you would not put items like these in boxes, you can protect them from dirt, spills, and the occasional scuff or scrape by using moving pads, mattress covers, or furniture covers. These are large plastic covers or cloth blankets that can be wrapped around large items to repel dirt, as well as allow other boxes and items to be stacked on top without fear of damage.

MySpace carries the following large-item packing materials:

Pad Locks & Disc Locks

Although MySpace Self Storage takes every measure to provide secure facilities (gated facilities, coded entry, camera surveillance, and an on-site storage manager are just a few of our security measures), you must protect your individual storage unit with a simple padlock or disc lock to secure your unit. While a padlock is known for its strength, these can still be cut with a large pair of bolt cutters, prompting many people to choose disc locks for their units. Either way, leaving your unit unlocked is not a good idea and not acceptable practice at MySpace Self Storage facilities. Padlocks and disc locks are both available at any MySpace Self Storage location.

To purchase any of the above packing supplies, or to speak to a moving and storing expert, call the MySpace Self Storage nearest you! We can help you select the right materials and even give you some pointers on stacking and storing your goods for maximum sturdiness and stability. 

If you have storage needs and live in the Brighton, Flint or Lansing, MI areas, contact us at MySpace Self Storage. Our friendly and knowledgeable team members are happy to help and answer any questions you may have about our storage services.