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Fast & Easy Self-storage in Central Michigan


If you’ve been considering using a storage unit, but you haven’t done it yet, what’s holding you back?

If you’re like many of your fellow Central Michigan residents, getting a storage space probably seems like a great idea but is one of those items that just constantly gets pushed to the bottom of the to-do list.

The problem isn’t necessarily ambivalence about whether a unit would be useful. It’s more about finding the time and opportunity to research units, figure out which style and size is needed, and then to transport the items from your home to the unit.

How can you make the storage locating and transport process easier? We’ve put together a few tips:


1.  Decide Whether Using a Storage Unit is Easier than Keeping Things Stored in Your Home.

At first, it can seem daunting to consider all the steps required to get your home cleared out and your storage unit filled.

However, when you think about it, how much additional stress and annoyance are those stored items causing you when you have to trip over them and regularly rearrange them in your house?

Instead of shifting items around your home to make room - shoving winter jackets into the back of closets, trying to find a place to store your Christmas tree during the other 11 non-Christmas months of the year - consider how securing a storage unit could mean you only touch these items when they’re actually needed.


2.  Find a Climate-Controlled Unit to Make The Moving Process Easier and Worry-Free.

Sometimes putting items in storage can feel stressful. After all, you don’t know how they’ll be impacted by the heat or how safe they’ll be in a space that’s different than your familiar home and/or garage.

Instead of stressing out about which items might be able to withstand the summer heat, make your storage transition fast and easy by choosing a climate-controlled storage unit.

You’ll have the capability to store things like photos, paintings, antiques, and more. Some storage unit users even use their space to store out-of-the-ordinary options like wine collections or musical instruments.

At MySpace Self-Storage, choosing a climate-controlled unit means less worry and hassle when it comes to the weather, and more peace of mind for you when it comes to the safety, security, and integrity of your items.


3.  Use a Drive-In, Drop Off, Drive Out Option to Make Life Easier.

If you don’t need a climate-controlled unit, you can make the storage move even easier.

By selecting a drive-up unit, you’ll be able to do exactly what the name implies: drive up, open your unit, unload, lock up, and drive away. The whole process can take only a few minutes, yet leave your home clearer and less cluttered.


4.  Let a Storage Specialist Help You Find the Unit that Fits your Needs.

If you’ve put off finding a storage unit because you weren’t sure which size or style you’d need, you’re not alone. There is definitely a wide variety of storage companies available in the area, and each company offers multiple different storage space options.

It can be daunting to have to decide whether you need an indoor or outdoor storage unit, or whether your storage unit should be climate controlled. Then, beyond that, you have to start thinking about the size of the storage unit you’ll need - from small storage lockers to units large enough to store the contents of a small house or apartment.

Many people start trying to measure the dimensions of their furniture items to decide which items will be able to fit in a unit and to map out the design of their storage space. While this plan can definitely make sense for maximizing the room in a unit, it can also be exhausting to try to put together so many moving pieces.

Instead of drawing tiny scale models of storage spaces, talk to a storage specialist. They’re experienced in helping customers figure out the type of space that might fit their needs, and they know the units like the back of their hands.


Getting a Storage Unit Doesn't Have to Feel Like a Headache.

One great benefit of getting a unit selected is that you’ll have the ability to handle your storage move at your own speed. Once you’ve chosen a unit, putting your items in storage can be as fast and easy as you need it to be, or it can also give you the freedom to take your time and be deliberate about the move.

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