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Finding a Work From Home Office Space

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Whether you have to temporarily work from home or make the transition more permanent, you need to have a dedicated space. Productivity can be made or broken by the space you work in. If you work in a cluttered, dark room, you may not get as much work done as you would if the room were clean and bright. If you’re just starting your work at home adventure, it might mean you need to make some changes around the house, so you have that designated space.

Consider the Bedrooms

Think about your bedroom situation. If you have three kids and they each have their bedroom, would it be possible to move one child in with another? You could then use the empty bedroom as your office space. There may be some extra pieces of bedroom furniture that you’d need to move into a storage locker, but it would only be until you were ready to go back to the office or the child is ready to move out.

If one of your children has already moved out, you could put all their belongings and bedroom furniture into a storage unit. Maybe the child is away at college and lives in a dorm, so the furniture isn’t needed at the moment. Maybe he or she is living out of the country doing service for a few months. Take advantage of the absence and use the room for your dedicated office space.

Transform the Toy Room or Craft Room

If your home includes a toy room or craft room, it may be because there was extra space when you moved in. Now that you need your office space, you may have to transform that extra room into your workspace. You could put some of the toys into your children’s bedrooms, and you could add the craft items to another living space, but you could also put everything into a storage locker for the time being. Just because you’re working from home doesn’t mean you have to clutter the spaces that have typically been clean, and a storage facility is just for moments like these.

Make Use of the Shed

Some sheds and other outbuildings have electricity, heating, cooling, and sometimes running water. If you could be comfortable in the shed, it could be the quietest place to set up your home office. It’s most likely used as a storage space anyway, so all of the items in the shed can be moved to an off-site storage unit, and it wouldn’t even disrupt your life.

Clean Out a Corner

If all else fails and you don’t have any extra rooms to transform into your home office, you might just have to find a quiet corner that you can cleanout. For example, if you have a piano in the living room, but nobody really plays regularly, it might have to go into storage for a while. You can use the area previously occupied by the piano as your office corner. Although it’s in the middle of your family’s living space, you can set your desk up the way you would normally do it in your actual office. Facing the wall instead of the room might help you get your mind off “home” and on “work.”

Get To Work

Working from home may not be the ideal way to get your job done, but sometimes it can be very beneficial. Whichever situation you find yourself in, get creative in finding a space to be productive. With the right size storage units, you never have to try working in the clutter. Contact MySpace Self Storage today to get started.


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