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How to Keep Tires from Dry Rotting

Storing tires is frustrating due to their sizes and the extra steps you need to take to keep them in good shape. However, not every car owner knows how to store their tires correctly. It is common to find tires stored without much of a cover.

Car owners who store their tires in garages often expose them to extreme temperature shifts; it's not the ideal situation. Tires degrade with time, but there are several things you can do to delay the process. We'll tell you how to protect tires from dry rotting to keep them in excellent condition.


Common Causes of Tire Dry Rot

As with most products, natural degradation takes its course over time and exposure to various environmental conditions with rubber compounds that make up tires. When tire compounds get exposed to ozone concentrations, climate changes, and moisture, the materials will wear down, causing cracks.

Other causes of dry rot include:

Tips on Preventing Dry Rot in Stored Tires

The way you store your tires will determine the rate of dry rot. Here are some precautions to ensure the tires suffer minimal deterioration when in storage.  


Keep Stored Tires Away From Direct Sunlight

Tires have oils and resin to keep them moist. When these get exposed to UV rays, they leech out of the tire surface. Tires frequently left in the open sun are likely to suffer from dry rot.

You can solve this by using a weatherproof cover during storage. The weatherproof cover should be long enough to cover all tires and protect them from UV rays, dust, and debris. The cover is essential if you keep your car in a storage space that lets light in.


Try To Store Your Tires at a Constant Temperature

Temperatures above 68 Fahrenheit and below 45 Fahrenheit will speed up the dry rotting of tires. Constant temperature changes speed up evaporation from the tire leading to dry rot.  

If possible, always store tires in a controlled climate where the temperature is cooler than the standard room temperature (55-59 Fahrenheit). An extra tip is to ensure your storage facility has humidity control, and dry environments can accelerate tire degradation.


Remove Tires If You Plan To Store Them For Over Three Months

If you wish to store your vehicle for over three months with no plans of driving it during the period, consider removing them from the car. Remove the tires from the wheels, then mount your cars on hydraulic jack stands.


Keep Your Tires in Airtight Bags

After removing tires from the car, keep them in airtight bags during storage. Oxygen is a significant contributor to dry rotting, and airtight bags will reduce the rate of dry rot.


Why Choosing Self-Storage for Tire is The Right Choice

Self-storage compartments allow you to store various items that you don't want to get rid of, especially your tires. Everything comes from the same manufacturer, making communications simpler.

You have 24/7 access to your storage. Whenever you need anything from your storage compartment, you can store or remove things as you wish. It would help if you had this flexibility to keep your tires safe and free from dry rot.


Find Reliable Tire Storage in Lansing, MI

If you want to store a vehicle, our car storage spaces in Lansing are a great location to do this. At Myspace Self Storage, we offer various styles and sizes of storage units to keep your ties safe from dry rot. Contact us today at 517-913-7171 to snag storage units for your car.