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How to Make Moving During the Summer Less Stressful for the Whole Family

Moving is a big undertaking no matter the time of year that you do it. If you're considering relocating during the summer, though, you might find the idea downright daunting. Maybe you're worried about the heat. Perhaps you think the roads will be packed with vacationers. There are drawbacks to moving during the summer, but there are some big advantages to both buying and moving during the summer months too. 

Why is Buying During the Summer a Smart Choice?

Most potential homebuyers have heard that housing prices are highest during the summer months. According to realtors, though, this isn't necessarily true. What is true is that there are more homes on the market in the summer than at any other time during the year. Here are three distinct advantages of buying a home during these busy real estate months.

You'll Enjoy a Better Selection of Houses

The more houses on the market, the more choices you'll have. That means you're more likely to find all the features you want in a home. It also means that you're more likely to find a home in a certain neighborhood or school district than during the winter months. If you're shopping in a less competitive market, you may be able to negotiate the home price down as well. Many sellers are willing to lower their asking price if there are a lot of other homes on the market.

You Can Buy and Sell at the Same Time

Summertime is often referred to as a seller's market in real estate because homeowners in popular areas can get excellent prices for their properties. That means that summer is a prime time to buy and sell at the same time. You can list your home in late spring to early summer and start shopping for a new home immediately. If you need to complete some updates to get a better asking price, start packing. You can move your boxes to a storage unit until you're ready to move to your new home.

You Don't Have to Pull Your Kids Out of School

Buying a new house in winter, when temperatures are cooler for a move, might seem like a great idea. However, it can have a huge impact on your family if your kids are still in school. A mid-year move means days of missed classes as well as potential issues fitting in at a new school. Moving during the summertime, when kids are already out of school, is a much better strategy. You won't have to worry about missed school days or independent study at all. 

How to Take the Stress Out of a Summer Move

You're considering taking a leap and moving during the summer. Preparing in advance for a successful move will help eliminate stress and ensure that your move goes smoothly. Whether you're hiring a professional moving service or renting a moving truck, these five tips will help make your summer move more successful.

Start Packing as Soon as You Know You're Moving

You can start sorting, organizing and packing your belongings as soon as you decide to move. Start by packing items you don't use often. Holiday decorations and other seasonal items can also be packed well in advance of a move. Sell, donate or trash anything that you don't use anymore. Moving items that you don't really need is expensive and time consuming.

Consider renting a storage unit so that you don't have to live with piles of packing boxes while you wait for your move. Keeping your home free of clutter goes a long way towards eliminating the stress and dread associated with a move. Loading your pre-packed boxes from a storage unit can also be a lot easier than lugging them out of your house one by one.

Shoot for a Mid-Month Move

The beginning of the month and weekends are very popular times to move. Holiday weekends such as Memorial Day and the 4th of July are also popular moving days. You can eliminate the stress of fighting for a moving truck and driving on crowded highways by moving during the middle of the month instead. If possible, move on weekdays instead of weekends.

In addition to moving in the middle of the month, you should start the physical process of moving as early in the day as possible. The later you start, the longer you'll be working in the hot summer sun. Consider packing your truck the evening before your move so that you can get up and leave right away in the morning. If you're moving a longer distance, you may even want to drive during the night so that you can start unpacking early in the morning.

Have Utilities Turned On Before You Move

There's nothing worse than unpacking your boxes in a hot house. Be sure to have your electricity, water, sewer and trash service started before you physically move into your new home. Having these basic utilities set up will ensure that you can be comfortable in your new home from day one. Being able to step inside and take a break while you're unloading the moving truck is key to keeping stress levels down. If you're moving with kids, consider having cable and internet services turned on before you arrive too.

Keep Heat in Mind as You Pack

Some of your belongings just can't handle the summer heat. Avoid packing anything that might melt, warp or otherwise be ruined by heat. This includes candles and perishable pantry supplies such as chocolate chips. Pack anything that might be ruined by heat in small boxes that you can move straight to your new home in your personal vehicle. If you're moving a long distance, consider using insulated coolers to keep perishable items safe.

Stay Hydrated

Drinking plenty of water while you're moving is an absolute must. Dehydration can lead to crankiness, exhaustion and serious physical problems. Buy a case of water to drink during your move. If you're loading and unloading boxes in very warm areas, consider drinking sports drinks with electrolytes a few times a day as well. Staying hydrated will give you the energy you need to complete your summer move.