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How to Properly Store Tools

It’s extremely important to properly store your tools and equipment, especially if you plan to leave them unused for a long time. If you are a fan of DIYs, you might have a wide variety of hardware around your house. Everything will seem fine until you lose some of the crucial equipment., or if someone suffers injuries because you left a rake in the wrong place. 

How to store tools properly depends on two main factors – the type of tools you are storing and where you plan to store your things. 

How to Store Garden Tools

It is crucial to organize your storage unit when you plan to store garden tools to avoid accidents. Use tool racks and hangers to safely keep your tools off the ground and in plain sight. Be sure to tie large garden tools against the wall in a way that will keep any tools from falling over and injuring someone. Storing your garden tools in this fashion will protect them from damage as well as protect people that enter the storage unit. 

How to Store Hand Tools

Good quality hand equipment can be a large investment. With the average cost of hand tools and accessories being about $33, screwdrivers, hammers, hand saws, lineman, and priers deserve proper care and storage. 

The storage pattern will depend on the available space you have. While housing the equipment in boxes or chest could be a wise idea, the best is on a pegboard. This will ensure each tool is accessible with ease. It will also boost the utilization of space. 

A portable alternative is to leverage a toolbox. It will prevent rust from destroying any equipment, making it hard to use. Be sure to clean your tools before storing them. You can wipe them with a rag if they are mildly dirty or wash them with warm water and soap if necessary. Afterward, dry them and apply oil to prevent jamming on the hinges.

How to Store Power Tools

Avoiding rust is one of the utmost benefits of climate-controlled storage for power tools. When you consider the cost of replacing or repairing your tools, it’s easy to see that you need safe storage, especially in winter. 

The best way to store power tools is inside their original case or box they were in during purchase. If you decide to keep them in toolboxes, apply silica gel packs inside to prevent rust and dust and absorb moisture. 

You can also hang the hardware on pegboards to keep them organized and clean. A garage with a heating unit will be ideal for organizing the tools and controlling humidity levels. Be sure to clean and dry them to remove any lingering dirt or dust. 

Proper organization and storage of your tools will ensure they stay in working condition for long. It will also save you the frequent cost of repairs and unnecessary new purchases. If you live in Lansing, Michigan, but your house feels small, you can rent a space from My Space Self-Storage. Their experts will help you pick the right packaging supplies for your tools and answer any of your storage questions. You can also reach out for more information.

Image Source: seksan kingwatcharapong / Shutterstock