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As a musician, the time and expense of finding the right instrument means you don't want to ruin it by not properly storing it. Whether it's because you are moving or no longer have the space at your home or apartment, safe storage is necessary to keep them in their best condition and working as you left them. Finding a climate-controlled storage facility is the best option to securely store your musical instruments if you do not have the space to store your equipment at home. 

How Do You Store Musical Instruments? 

Storing musical instruments the right way is essential to enhancing their longevity and keeping them working properly. The manufacturer's instructions are the best source for determining how to handle and care for your instrument. However, follow these five universal tips for storing musical instruments. 

1. Store Your Musical Instrument in Its Original Case

If your instrument came in a case, it's usually best to keep it there when in storage because the case is designed specifically to protect the instrument and all its attachments. If you do not have the original case, consider purchasing a waterproof hard or soft case to help further protect your instrument when it’s in storage. 

2. Take Your Instrument Apart Before Storing 

Whether it's long-term or only for a few days, you should disassemble your instrument, if possible, to help protect its overall condition. Disassembling helps relieve pressure on the instrument's joints and prevents warping. Always remove any reeds or mouthpieces, and for most stringed instruments (except pianos) slightly loosen the strings to avoid bowing.

3. Clean it Thoroughly Before Storing

Before storing your musical instrument, thoroughly clean it to help maintain its original conidtion. Removing dust and debris will reduce the chance of your it getting scratched and damaged during storage. It is important to ensure your instrument is completely dry before storing it to avoid damage from moisture.

4. Pack Your Musical Instrument Carefully When Storing 

After a thorough cleaning, carefully pack your musical instrument away in the case and place a piece of acid-free paper or clean cloth to cover the instrument to offer additional protection. If your musical instrument has padded keys, add tissue paper between the pads and the instrument's body to help prevent keys from sticking when you're ready to play the musical instrument after it has been in storage. Ensure all parts are secured and that the case is closed correctly. 

5. Wrap and Cover Larger Instruments in Storage

For instruments that are too large for cases, such as pianos or drum sets, you'll still want to add blankets or soft cloth to add protection to the instrument's finish while it's in storage. Since dust can still accumulate in a storage unit, adding a cover will help ensure your large musical instrument isn't damaged. 

What Temperature Should Musical Instruments Be Stored At?

Most musical instrument owners understand how temperature, the local environment, and drastic changes of the two can cause damage to instruments. While avoiding extreme heat and cold is essential to properly maintain musical instruments, steady and moderate temperatures are the key to ensuring the least amount of harm to your musical instruments while they're in storage. Most musical instruments do well in temperatures of around 70 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Keep Your Musical Instruments Safe With MySpace Self Storage in Lansing, MI

Since temperature and humidity changes can greatly affect musical instruments, it's best to find a climate-controlled storage unit for keeping your instrument safe during a move or for long-term storage solutions.

MySpace Self Storage in Lansing, MI offers climate-controlled storage units for safely storing your musical instruments by keeping them in a constant environment. Besides being your premier self-storage unit provider throughout central MI, MySpace Self Storage offers a large selection of climate-controlled, indoor, and exterior storage units to meet all of your short-term or long-term self-storage needs. Stop by our Lansing, MI self-storage unit facility or contact us today to let our trained storage specialist help you find the perfect for your musical instruments and more.


 Image Source: Brian Goodman  / Shutterstock