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Large Self-Storage Units for Bulk Storage

Self-storage protects all kinds of household and business goods. Storage units provide a way for homeowners, apartment dwellers and business owners to safeguard their belongings from theft and the elements. You can find almost any size to serve your needs, from smaller storage for boxes of clothes and books to large storage units for an entire homes’ worth of furniture and even vehicles or boats. Find out more from MySpace Self Storage, with facilities in Lansing and other Michigan communities. 

Larger Storage Spaces for an Easier Move 

Moving can be challenging, especially during longer moves. Spacious units can make easier work of relocating by giving you a place to safely stash lesser-used or bulkier items. Having fewer items in the way simplifies the sometimes overwhelming task of cleaning. Fewer things can also make de-cluttering, sorting and packing a lot more manageable. As the time before your move draws closer, a large storage unit enables you to store the contents of entire rooms -- especially less-frequently used spaces like formal dining rooms or living rooms. If your unit is near your new home, you'll have the luxury of moving items in at a leisurely pace. 

Storing Your Wheels in Flint 

Whether you want to baby an aging car, store a motorcycle during the colder months or keep a vintage sports car in tip-top shape, enclosed storage is just what you need. Michigan winters can be brutal on vehicles and their owners, but self-storage offers the perfect way to protect your investment. Boats and RVs need love in the off-season, too, so keep your driveway clear and your recreational vehicles safe and sound with off-site storage. With a good cleaning, a little pre-storage TLC and some routine maintenance, your vehicles will be ready for action when you need them. 

Storage for Businesses 

Your home and garage aren't the only spaces that can become overrun with stuff. Businesses can benefit from the space-saving capabilities of a larger storage unit. Free up valuable square footage at your storefront or office while keeping these and other assets safe: 

  • Inventory
  • Extra Supplies
  • Excess Furniture
  • Infrequently Used Equipment
  • Files

From bulk office supplies to expensive office furniture you don't need at the moment, keep clutter at bay with large-sized storage for businesses. Plus, why pay market office rent to store files that are seldom needed or used?

Whatever your storage needs, MySpace Self-Storage has right-sized units to serve you best. Our large storage units offer excellent solutions for a wide range of uses, from moving house to storing vehicles and keeping your business clutter-free. Contact us today for more information or to reserve a unit at one of our locations in Michigan.