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Mistakes to Avoid When Storing Items


Putting items in storage is a great way to free up space in your home, keep items safe while you move, or gather all of your collectibles in one place. Items must be stored properly to avoid damage and keep your storage area safe. Here is a breakdown of common storage mistakes to avoid and how you can find the perfect storage option for your needs.

Choosing the Wrong Size Room

If you've ever tried to pack everything into a box only to realize there was still more leftover after packing, then you already know this mistake well. It happens because we tend to overestimate how much space something needs. This means that if you try to put an item somewhere where it isn't supposed to be, you might end up damaging it. For instance, if you think you need enough space for two chairs, but instead you end up putting three chairs inside the same container, they could fall off and hurt someone. Or worse yet, they could even tip over and crush someone underneath. So make sure you take the proper measurements first.

Stacking Boxes Wrong

When preparing to move boxes into your storage unit, keep in mind the potentially serious storage mistakes that can come from stacking boxes wrong. Using boxes of similar sizes and keeping heavy items towards the bottom of the stack can help keep the area safe and stable. Labeling boxes makes it easier to find what you need down the road, and putting the heaviest items on the bottom helps make it safer to lift and move boxes when you need to access items throughout the stack. If you are using our storage services in Brighton, Michigan, don’t be afraid to ask the storage specialists available on-site.

Reusing Old Storage Boxes

The last thing you want to do is reuse old cardboard boxes as new ones. They may look good now, but once you start filling them up again, they won't hold any air anymore. Instead, buy new boxes whenever possible, or consider upgrading to plastic storage tubs.

Choosing a Storage Facility Based On Price

There are plenty of factors to consider when choosing a storage facility. But price shouldn't be among them. While it's true that expensive doesn't always mean better, you also don't want to spend money without considering the quality. After all, you wouldn't leave your car unprotected in a parking lot, would you?

What Things Can’t Be Stored?

One common storage mistake is putting fragile items in a regular outdoor storage unit where they can become damaged by changing conditions. Since weather conditions change throughout the year, some items simply can’t be stored in an outdoor unit in Brighton, Michigan.

Items to Completely Avoid

You may run into many serious storage problems from trying to store items that shouldn’t be stored at all. Here are a few items that can easily cause problems and turn into serious storage mistakes:

These items can create safety hazards in a storage unit. They can also increase the risk that other items in your unit will be damaged. Food items, for example, can easily begin to spoil and attract pests.

Climate-Controlled Storage

Climate-controlled storage is a great option for any antiques, collectibles, or furniture that may be damaged by exposure to heat or humidity. Anything that may be susceptible to mildew should be stored in a climate-controlled area. Keep in mind that some items, such as medications and wine, must be kept at certain temperatures to prevent them from being ruined. If climate-controlled storage doesn’t seem like the right option, you can also consider indoor storage units as a safer option for fragile items than outdoor units.

How Long Should I Store Things?

Some final storage mistakes to keep in mind, are issues from leaving things in storage for too long. While most items can stay in storage for some time, keeping up with your storage bill is important. You should consider the amount of time you are planning on storing items before signing up for a unit to know what to expect as far as costs go. Forgotten or abandoned items may not be available should you return to claim them down the road.

Storage Solutions in Brighton Michigan

We have options for all kinds of storage in Brighton, Michigan. With climate-controlled spaces, indoor units, and outdoor storage. We are happy to provide insight on how to avoid storage problems. We also have boxes and other storage materials available on-site. Fill out our online form to contact us or call our Brighton Michigan location at (810) 225-8510 to get started.


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