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Organizing Your Closets 


If your closets are overflowing with clothes, linens, board games, or other items, you might need to take a day or two and dedicate that time to cleaning out closets. While you might assume this means you have to throw away some of your most prized possessions or maybe give them to a charity, you can probably keep most of what you hold dear. It will take some good organization techniques, but you can get that clutter cleaned up in no time.

Gathering Tools

There are a few tools you’ll need when you clean out your closet, and we’re not talking about hammers and saws. Instead, you’ll need some organization tools, including:

Three Sorting Baskets or Boxes – A simple laundry basket will do, but it’s up to you. Label one “throw out,” another “donate,” and another “keep.”
Tape Measures and a Notepad – You’ll need to measure the closet space so you can determine what shelving and other organizing items to utilize. The notepad is to write down the measurements, so you don’t forget.

Pulling It All Out

The next thing you’ll do to clean out your closet is to pull everything out of it. The closet should be empty when you’re done, including shelving units or baskets that are removable. As you pull the items out of the closet, you can begin to sort them into the three baskets or boxes.

Taking Care of Trash and Donations

It’s important you assign every last item to one of the three sorting boxes. If you leave anything on the floor, it’s likely to stay there or get shoved back into the closet. After you’re finished sorting, take care of the boxes. Toss the “throw out” box into a dumpster or other garbage can. Take the “donate” box to a local charitable organization.

Sorting the “Keep” Items

Now you need to sort through all your “keep” items. Make a pile of items you’re planning to put back into the closet. Anything that is staying outside the closet should be put away immediately. For example, if you’ve got schoolwork or office supplies, put them in a drawer in your den. If you found a blanket, fold it nicely on your bed.

Putting Your Closet Organization Elements Together

It’s now time to decide how you want to put your closet back together. Closet storage doesn’t have to be difficult, but it will take some planning. Using the measurements you took, decide what type of shelving you want and either purchase or make what you need. If you’re going to be putting small items in the closet, you might want to gather some baskets or boxes they’ll fit in.

Construct the shelves and containers and get to work organizing your closet elements. Hang anything that you wouldn’t want to become wrinkled. Fold things like jeans and undergarments. Socks, belts, and other small accessories can be neatly stored in baskets, while purses or wallets could be displayed on a shelf.

Taking Care of Additional Items

As you can see, putting a closet together after cleaning it out can be a big job. If your “keep” pile was bigger than what you thought, you don’t have to continue sorting it into “donate” or “throw out.” Instead, a storage unit is a perfect solution. When you’re sorting through your “keep” items, decide what things you don’t need immediately. Those are the items you can put in storage for the time being.

At MySpace Self Storage, we have a safe place for your closet items. A storage locker or a mini storage unit is just what you need, so contact us today to secure yours.

Featured Image: Arkhipenk Olga/ Shutterstock