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Decluttering Your Home with Large-Item Storage

As the Central Michigan housing market begins to slow down a bit, you may be looking for some surefire ways to remove clutter from your home and finally develop the beautiful living spaces you've always craved. With help from a reputable self-storage facility, you can use a rented unit to store large items that you do not immediately need for your home or business. Here are some handy ways to utilize large-item self-storage to finally kick your organizational skills up a notch! 

Furniture Items Storage 

You can begin the decluttering process by carefully examining your large furniture items. If you happen to be moving between homes in Michigan but still want to keep some of the family heirloom furniture that is really special to you, consider moving it to self-storage. Here are some examples of furniture items that can be stored in this manner: 

Although all of these common household items are considered large and unwieldy, it is easy to store them in a unit that has plenty of square footage. Ask for unit sizes that are specifically designed for large objects. 

Business Files Storage

Large-item storage units are perfectly made for small business owners who have copious amounts of files floating around their home or apartment. If you're on a brief break from your business or have downsized a bit in an attempt to cut back your hours, you can simply take your filing cabinets and put them in storage for a while. The folders and files themselves will be protected from extreme temperatures and bugs or vermin, and you can rest assured that they'll be accessible should you need to return to them and do some research. The biggest filing cabinets are likely to be made of metal and will have locking mechanisms, which will make them pretty heavy. Getting them out of your recreational room or pool room will help you streamline your hang-out area and make you less reluctant to have friends over for dinner or games. 

Tools and Equipment Storage

Garage areas are likely to have plenty of clutter, especially if they are being used for a lawn-care business. During the winter when you are unlikely to be working on people's properties, you can store your equipment in a viable off-site storage unit. Here are just a few of the equipment pieces that will find nice homes in a self-storage unit until the spring sun shines once again: 

If you're going to be storing any gas-powered devices over the winter in an interior space, you need to make sure that the gas itself is completely drained. Electrical equipment, on the other hand, can simply be stored with the attached cord wound up and held together on the side of the machine with a small device.

Utilize Storage for Car and Boat Projects 

If you've always been a car person and have recently begun restoring an old hot-rod, it's perfectly reasonable to store it in a storage unit if you won't be working on it for several months. Covering it with an appropriate tarp will help to keep dust from settling onto the paint and into the mechanical parts in the interior. If there are large engine components that have not yet been installed, these can be stored alongside the car body. You'll have everything adequately protected and in one place when you begin working on the project again. 

Boats, in essence, work the same way as cars. Even if they are fully functioning and have been used to kick up waves on your favorite lake or river during the summer, you'll still need a winter storage location. In general, before moving a boat to winter storage, you should complete the following actions: 

A temperature-controlled environment is key to long-term boat viability. When you take precautionary steps to winterize your boat and also select a reputable storage facility, you'll be very happy with the results.

Other Land/Water Sports Equipment Storage

Sports equipment that is generally smaller in size than a car or boat can also find a home in a large-item storage unit. Dirt bikes, racing motorcycles, and go-karts can only be ridden when the weather is nice. Cleaning them up and putting them in storage will allow them to sit comfortably during the cold-weather period without becoming damaged. 

The same goes for jet skis, kayaks, canoes, paddleboards, rafts, and surfboards. All of these are considered vital to a good beach vacation in the summer. They'll look a little stale and haggard, however, taking up space in the basement or the garage when the snow is falling, and the holidays are just around the corner. If you're going to store a canoe or a kayak in a storage unit, make sure that you carefully walk the object into the unit, so the solid hull does not catch on any sharp metallic edges. Climate-controlled units are key to protecting jet skis, which may be sensitive to extreme temperatures. 

Understanding the Benefits of a Quality Storage Company in Central Michigan 

At MySpace Self Storage in Michigan, we offer a range of benefits to potential customers. We can ensure that your unit is clean and secure. You can also choose a unit size that will give you just enough space to store your large personal or business items until they are needed again. Give us a call at one of our Michigan locations for more information and a free quote!