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Start the New Year Off Right with a Storage Unit


Did you make a New Year’s resolution this year? Many people resolve to lose weight, exercise more or be more responsible with money. However, after the initial New Year’s enthusiasm wears off, they often get right back to watching Netflix and ordering takeout.


One of the other most common resolutions includes deciding to get organized. It’s easier said than done, of course, because most of us just try to add the burden of organization and decluttering on top of the many tasks we’re responsible for in everyday life.


That’s why we recommend a storage unit as the perfect tool to support your organizational goals. We’ve put together a few reasons a storage unit can make the process easier and help you keep your cleaning and decluttering momentum going strong as the year moves forward.

1.  You Can Start by Putting Those Holiday Decorations Away the Right Way.

During the festive holiday season, many people deck the halls with everything from wreaths to garlands to stockings to menorahs to big blow up characters that grace their front lawns and roofs.


And all that doesn’t even include the tree; if you use an artificial tree (80 percent of Americans do), you have to find a safe place to store it during the other 10 months of the year when you’re not listening for sleigh bells to ring. It seems ridiculous to use valuable in-home storage space to accommodate an item that won’t be used the majority of the year.


By packing up your holiday decor in one fell swoop, then transferring it to your storage unit, you’ll be able to make space available in your home and to keep all your holiday decor together so you’re not searching high and low for those keepsake ornaments or the Cookies for Santa platter at the last minute.

2.  You Can Set Up Space for a January Decluttering Challenge.

While the fires of your resolution are still burning strong, you should take advantage of your increased willpower. Let your storage unit become a small sanctuary for your organizational processes.


It’s common to start digging through a box of potential clutter in your living room, getting halfway through a project, then losing steam. If you transition all the boxes you want to sort to your storage unit, you can start scheduling specific times to go to the unit and work through them.


If you’re not able to make it through a project during the allotted time you set, it’s no big deal. You can leave the boxes where they are, then come back to them the next time you have a few moments or hours to dedicate to your organizing projects.

3.  Start a Space for Future Holiday Gifts.

The holiday season can be stressful if you’re trying to rush around and buy all your gifts at the last minute.


The stores are packed; the best items might be sold out; it’s a madhouse. And, to be honest, it’s not always that easy on your wallet either.


Using a corner of your storage unit to put away gifts for the next holiday season can be a brilliant way to save money and reduce stress during busier times of the year.


As you’re making your budget, allocate a certain amount to purchase gifts for family and friends. (Bonus budget tip: If you allot $50 a month for this, you’ll be able to spend $600 over the course of the year instead of in one four-week period between Thanksgiving and Christmas.)


You can also use the storage space to hold leftover wrapping paper, ribbons and other supplies that you don’t need in your home, but that also shouldn’t be consigned to trash or recycling.


One caveat to this method: it’s critically important to make sure you’re keeping your storage space well-organized if you begin to purchase and store gifts. Keep all gift items in one area and keep a digital copy of what you’ve purchased, so you don’t forget what you’ve purchased, or over-buy, during the course of the year.


If you already have a storage unit, consider giving it a bit of a seasonal upgrade. You can add basic shelving to make your items easier to access; you may be ready to transition some shelves from your home or garage, or may be able to score a good deal on some from other people who are working to declutter their own spaces.


And, even if New Year’s is long past, you still have plenty of opportunities to make your home and storage spaces more organized. You can make a new resolution at any point during the year and find a storage space to fit your needs.


Ready to get that resolution rolling? Contact us to find the storage unit option that best fits your needs and will help you feel better organized and prepared heading into the future.