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The Storage Guide to Moving

Moving is an exciting life change. You can stay in control of your move and make it less stressful by getting organized, using the right supplies, renting a climate-controlled storage space and choosing the best truck for your needs. The professionals at MySpace Self Storage can help you with all of your moving needs.

Organize, Declutter and Clean

The moving process begins before anything goes in a box. Take some time to organize everything that’s currently taking up space. This is a great time to decide what you really need. Purge as much as you can. The less you pack, the faster your move will go.

Only pack clean items. This is especially important for clothing. You might be tempted to deal with stains later but waiting will encourage them to set.

When organizing your clothes, have every family member donate anything that they don’t want. After laundering the clothing, fold them in small piles.

Match a packing box to each pile.

Keep the items that you’ll wear during moving season separate from those that you won’t need. You don’t want to have to sift through sweaters to find short-sleeved shirts if you move in the summer, for example. You should also set aside a week’s worth of outfits that you can wear during moving week and transport in your luggage.

Clean kitchen items before you pack them. You might not realize that the items that sit by your stove are covered in a greasy residue. This can attract pests or stick to your packing material. Wipe everything down before it goes in a box so that you don’t have to do it when you arrive at your destination.

Rent a Storage Unit

One of the best ways to stay organized during the moving process is to rent a storage unit nearby. You can fill it up as you pack boxes, clearing out your home and making room for you to maneuver. A climate-controlled storage unit is ideal for housing your furniture as you organize for the move. The uniform humidity and temperature will prevent upholstery from becoming moldy and wood from warping.

Secure the storage unit early in the process. It will free you up as you clear out your house.

Consider storing anything that you won’t need for the move. Fancy china, extra pots and pans and out-of-season clothing can go into the storage unit.

Start with the Right Supplies

You’re going to need plenty of boxes for your journey. But don’t forget the other moving essentials that will help you get packed and ready to go.


Whether you’re moving everything at once or using a storage unit to cut down on clutter and stay organized, you’ll maximize your space if you stay consistent with your box sizes. Choose one or two box sizes so that they stack uniformly.

Place heavy items in smaller boxes so that you can lift them easily. Clothing is heavier than you think. Although you may be tempted to pack it in huge boxes, you might have trouble lifting them. However, wardrobe boxes come in handy for packing hanging items.

You can find a wide variety of boxes and moving kits, including cartons that are designed to hold dishes and glassware, at MySpace Self Storage.


Masking tape is ideal for packing and storing items. You can use it to reinforce boxes and secure bubble wrap around fragile items. It’s easier to tear than duct tape. However, it’s strong enough to stay in place.

Clear shipping tape is also perfect for moving. Use it to seal your boxes securely and reinforce heavy cartons.

Have a few rolls on hand so that you can keep tape in different areas of the house. If you lose one, you’ll have a spare, and you won’t have to delay your packing process. You might even consider shrink-wrapping stacks of boxes to prevent them from shifting or gathering dust.

You can purchase tape, tape guns and shrink wrap at MySpace Self Storage.

Permanent Marker

It’s frustrating when you arrive at your destination and have no idea where your necessities are. Labeling each box with a list of items and the room that they belong in can get you off to the right start in your new home.

A permanent marker is ideal for labeling boxes. You can use masking tape to provide some contrast so that you can see your labels clearly. Alternatively, you may write directly on the boxes.

Label boxes on the top and sides so that you can read the writing from any direction. This will come in handy when they’re all stacked up and you need to access something important.

Don’t use sticky notes to label your boxes. The weak adhesive could make them fall off, leaving you wondering where everything is.

If you’re worried about identifying valuables on the outside of the box, consider using different colors for each room of the house and using general labels. You might also use an indexing system, where the contents of numbered boxes are written on a master list.

Infill Packing Material

Fill your boxes to capacity. If they’re overstuffed, they won’t rest neatly on one another in the truck or storage unit. If they’re half-empty, they may collapse when you stack them. You might need to fill the boxes with additional material to keep them sturdy. Newspaper or extra linens work well for taking up empty space.

Fragile items should be wrapped in newspaper or bubble wrap. Foam and peanuts also protect delicate items. Find foam peanuts, bubble wrap and packing paper at MySpace Self Storage.

Packing Supplies for Large Items

Furniture and mattresses don’t fit in boxes, but you probably want to protect them from dirt, spills and moisture during your move. Moving pads, blankets, mattress covers, and furniture covers are ideal for upholstery and mattresses.

Using these can help you find more space in your moving vehicle or storage space. You won’t have to worry about stacking items on top of your furniture or soft pieces when you use protective coverings. You can buy these at MySpace Self Storage too.

Rent a Moving Vehicle

If you’re planning a DIY move, you’ll need to rent a moving vehicle. Driving the vehicle yourself puts you in control. You can stop at the storage unit as many times as you need to pick up or drop off items.

You’ll have to rent the right size vehicle for your stuff, though. If the moving truck is too small, you might have to make more than one trip, rent a trailer or unpack everything and transfer it to a larger vehicle. Most experts suggest selecting a moving vehicle based on the number of bedrooms in your house.

A 15-foot truck is ideal for two bedrooms or fewer. A 20-foot vehicle works for a two or three-bedroom home. Choose a 26-foot moving truck for a home with four or more bedrooms.

The team at MySpace Self Storage can help you choose a vehicle that’s ideal for your needs.