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Do I Need a Storage Unit?

Is a storage unit right for you? Most people associate storage units only with their more obvious uses, such as clearing out a house for sale or containing the spillover from a garage workshop. However, there are many other ways in which a storage unit can make your life easier. The Myspace Self Storage facilities in Michigan offer a variety of unit sizes to fit any possible storage need. Listed below are just some of the situations when a storage unit might be a necessity.


Reasons Why People Use Storage Space:

1. Heading Off to College 

Starting college this fall? Renting a storage unit can be beneficial to both students and their families. Having extra space will allow students to make the most of a cramped dorm room or first apartment. Additionally, moving childhood keepsakes and old sporting equipment to a storage unit could free up a bedroom at home. With the convenient access options at Myspace Self Storage, there's no need to worry about what to bring to school and what to leave behind. Students can rotate items in and out of their units whenever they need.  

2. Studying Abroad 

Storage units are also ideal for students planning a semester abroad. International travel is an exciting adventure, so don't take away from the experience by stressing over the stuff you left in your friend's basement. Keeping books, household items, and off-season clothes in a locker will making moving back into your dorm or apartment a breeze.  

3. Stashing Seasonal Items 

If you like to go all out with holiday decorations but have limited space in your home, consider renting a storage unit. Lights and tinsel will stay in great condition for years if kept in a climate-controlled unit rather than a dusty unfinished attic. Likewise, the outdoorsy set can use storage units to switch between seasonal sports - swapping kayaks for hiking boots and snowshoes as winter approaches.  

4. Collectibles 

Art, sports memorabilia, antiques - you name it, collections are a source of pride for their owners. Unfortunately, many homes do not have enough space to properly showcase a large collection. The climate-controlled storage units available at Myspace Self Storage will ensure your possessions stay in pristine condition, and easy access allows you to rotate pieces in and out for display. Many collectors view their collections as an investment, and a storage unit is a smart way to keep that investment safe.  

5. Selling Your Home 

One of the most common uses for storage units is as a temporary location for furniture and household goods while moving. If you are staging a house to sell, a storage unit is a good place for any items that do not fit your intended theme. Storage units can also be used as a catch-all if a quick sale is planned, such as cleaning out the home of an elderly relative who has downsized to an apartment.  

6. Renovating Your Home 

Planning to redo the bathroom or kitchen? Renting a storage unit for items in the construction zone will keep them safe and avoid the frustration of clutter caused by trying to fit the contents of two rooms into one. Planning an addition? You can also use your storage unit to collect furniture and decorations for the new room.  

7. Storage for Small Businesses 

Whether you run your small business from home or from a storefront, you know that space is a valuable resource. A storage unit can help you contain items that you need to keep but are not relevant to your day-to-day operations. For example, many businesses must store financial records for several years to comply with federal and state regulations. You can also use a storage unit to keep overhead costs down. Having a place to store supplies purchased in bulk will help you capture those savings and level the playing ground against larger competitors.  

How to Select a Storage Unit 

The primary question when selecting a storage unit is: how much space do you need? There are a variety of size options available at Myspace Self Storage facilities, ranging from lockers to units large enough to store vehicles. On-site specialists are available to assist with selecting a unit that meets your storage and budgetary needs. Once you have chosen your unit, organize items in the unit based on how frequently they will be accessed. Myspace Self Storage sells a full selection of packing supplies to keep everything you store safe and clean. 

Another factor to consider is temperature. Myspace Self Storage offers climate-controlled units at all three locations. These offer protection for items that could be damaged by extreme cold or by summertime humidity, such as artwork or electronics. Keep in mind that even if an object does not appear temperature sensitive, it could be harmed by prolonged exposure to environmental changes. Books, family heirlooms, clothing, and antiques should be in a climate-controlled space if they will be stored long-term. Hardier items can be kept in an exterior drive-up unit, which allows for easier loading. This is a great option for bicycles or lawn tools.  

Renting with Myspace Self Storage 

After consulting with an onsite specialist to select your unit, you will sign a lease and receive an access code. This code will allow you to move items in and out of your unit at your convenience. If you need a moving vehicle, Myspace Self Storage is a certified U-Haul dealer. Your monthly bill may be paid in person, over the phone, or online.  

Once you are moved in, you can relax knowing that your belongings are in a secure, clean location. You will be free to focus on your travel plans or on the next step in your renovation project. No matter what comes next in your life, your peace of mind is assured with the storage solutions at Myspace Self Storage.