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How Big of a Storage Unit Do I Need? 

How to find the perfect storage unit for your needs.

Whether you're moving to a new home, downsizing, merging households, going or sending children away to school or just in need of more space for your belongings, or an extra car, boat or recreational vehicle, self-storage is an excellent option. If you're ready to reserve a storage unit or outdoor space but don't know which size is right for you, this guide from MySpace Self-Storage will help you get started.

Indoor Storage Unit Options

Protect your things from theft and the elements with one of these options:

Storage Lockers - Measuring about 5'x 5' or 5' x 10', storage lockers are ideal for storing a dresser or a few chairs and some boxes of clothes, books or small items.

Mini Storage – This is a practical solution for placing one or more rooms or a basement worth of items in self-storage during a move or other transitional phase. This size covers units in the 10' x 10' to 5' x 15' range.

Large Storage - Bigger units let you safely store furniture and boxes from a small house or multi-room apartment. Measuring around 10' x 15', it's perfect for moving and for temporary job transfers or long-term travel.

Garage Storage – These units act as an off-site garage stall for your vehicle or boat. It can also be used to store furniture and boxes from a house or multi-room apartment, plus appliances. Garage storage may also be available for two vehicles and the contents of a three- or four-bedroom dwelling.

Climate-Controlled Storage - temperature-controlled or climate-controlled storage units come in a variety of sizes. These units are specially-designed to protect items that you may not want exposed to freezing winter or sweltering summer temperatures and humidity levels. Documents, furniture, and even wine collections are all examples of items that require specific ranges of temperature and humidity to prevent material break-down.

Outdoor Storage

Sometimes you need a space for items not found in the home. Try these options for belongings that don't require indoor storage. 

RV storage - Just right for those who lack the space to store a recreational vehicle. In some situations, local ordinances or housing community rules may prohibit storing an RV at your home.

Boat storage - A smart solution for those who aren't able to park in a boat slip or their own garage space. It's also a life-saver in areas with an off-season. 

Car storage – This option lets car enthusiasts store their "babies" at facilities with site-wide fencing, plenty of lighting, coded electronic gate access and round-the-clock video surveillance. Vehicle storage also allows households get through transitional life phases without having their driveways or garages overrun by vehicles.

Whatever your storage needs, there's a solution. From moving into a smaller place to protecting your RV when not in use, it's easy to find a storage space in a size that suits your needs. Still need more guidance? The friendly, knowledgeable team at MySpace Self-Storage will be happy to help. 

Store Your Belongings with MySpace Self Storage

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