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Using Storage Facilities When Deployed to Another Country

Finding the right storage facility to use for long-term storage of household items, furniture, and more while deployed is an integral part of keeping your things safe and organized while you're away. Good storage takes the stress out of leaving items behind. Here is what you need to know when looking for long-term storage during deployment. 

How to Pack For Deployment

The first step during packing is simply to decide what you want to take with you and what needs to be left behind. Once you have a good idea of how much needs to be stored, you can start looking for a unit of the right size. Proper packing is essential to ensure that your items are kept in good shape in storage. You will need to avoid storing certain things, such as the following:

  • food

  • flammable materials

  • live plants

  • ammunition 

  • medications

Picking a Storage Facility During Deployment

When looking into long-term storage during deployment in Lansing, MI, keep in mind that storage units can have more to offer you than simply a place to dump your stuff and leave. Look for added features that make moving more convenient and cut out as much stress as possible from the process. 


Look for a space that offers plenty of room to store your items while allowing you to safely navigate through the unit. Boxes stacked too high, or storage units that are overly filled can create safety hazards and make it difficult to access your items. 

Safety and Security

In addition to finding a large enough space to safely store the number of items you have, you will need to consider how safe and secure the unit is and if there are options for climate control to protect furniture and other items from damage.


Some storage units may offer features that make the moving process easier, such as having boxes and other packing materials available onsite. These features can be especially helpful if you are deployed and have to leave on short notice. Storage facilities that allow you to drive right up and unpack your car just feet away from your unit can further simplify the process and help make the work go faster. 

How Can I Save Money While on Deployment?

The last thing you want to worry about while working overseas is paying rent back home. Finding a reliable storage unit can save you a lot of money long-term by ensuring that your items are safe and ready to use when you get home. The money you put into your unit should be offset by the amount you will save on not having to replace your furniture and household items, not to mention helping to keep collectibles and items with irreplaceable sentimental value safe from harm. When you're looking at long-term storage during deployment, most units are much more affordable than continuing to pay rent or a mortgage for a house or apartment in Lansing, MI, that you no longer live in. 

Protect Your Valuables and Belongings With Myspace Self Storage in Lansing, MI

With various storage units available in Lansing, MI, we have the resources to help you with long-term storage during deployment. Our on-site staff will help provide information and packing materials to assist with moving items into the unit. Contact us to start looking into options for climate-controlled units and other options to keep your things safe while you're working overseas.


 Image Source: LightField Studios / Shutterstock