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Renting a Storage Unit

Top Reasons Why College Students Should Rent A Storage Unit

Going away to college can be a wonderful adventure, but it's easy to get bogged down in logistics when it comes time to move your stuff. The good news is that you can easily solve your summer vacation, studying abroad and overcrowding issues with local storage. Often, a student-locker-sized unit is all you need, and you will save money and worry by keeping your college essentials in one secure space while you enjoy your time away. 

Storage Unit Convenience - Move In

Remember how packed it was in your parents' car when you arrived at college last September? Well, chances are good that you have accumulated even more must-haves during the school year. You won't really need your mini-fridge, bedding, or recliner when you are at home or backpacking in Peru, so you're better off leaving it in a safe, convenient place. You could lend your microwave to a friend to use over the summer, but you might end up having to replace it later because of breakage, overuse or neglect. Instead, it's a good idea to put that money into a storage unit where you know your belongings are secure and ready to go when you return to college. 

Renting a storage unit takes the hassle out of ending the school year, making it simpler to switch gears and make the most of your upcoming break. With finals, travel arrangements, saying goodbye to your friends, and end-of-year parties, the last thing you want to be tasked with is figuring out what to take, sell or store with friends. Some storage facilities like MySpace Self Storage make it even easier to get away with online reservations and bill pay. If you have a storage unit reserved, all you have to do is load it up, lock it and you're good to go. What a relief. 

Variety of Storage Unit Sizes

Self-storage units typically come in a variety of sizes, so you can select the space that fits you best. For example, if you only have what fits in half a dorm room or less, a 5 x 5-foot full height or half-high-locker unit will probably be just right. On the other hand, if you are clearing out your apartment and need to temporarily store furniture, beds, bikes, and other big and bulky items, you may need something much larger, such as a 10 by 15-foot space. Whatever you've got, there is likely to be a storage unit that's a good fit. For example:

  • A 5 X 15 unit provides as much space as a large walk-in closet.
  • A 10 x 10 is as big as a large bedroom.
  • A 10 x 20 unit is the size of a one-car garage.
  • A 10 x 30 unit is equal to a double-car garage space.

Storage Unit Leasing Time Frames

Because MySpace Self Storage offers short-term leasing agreements, you won't get locked into paying for your empty unit months after you move back to school. As long as you let the manager of your storage facility know about your plans within the required time limit, you won't get stuck with wasted payments. Also, when you have your own storage solution, you can access your belongings at any time, rather than having to call ahead or ask your parents to send you something you had to leave behind. 

Seasonal Storage Options

As a college student, you often have to deal with limited space, especially if you have roommates. That means there's little room to spare for your seasonal gear like skis, camping stuff, bulky winter clothing, last semester's books or your bike. Free up some extra space with a small storage unit that is an ideal solution to seasonal sprawl, and it's easy to grab whatever your need when you need it. You can even store your car in a facility with outdoor, indoor, or covered parking space while you study abroad. When you get back, it will be in the same great condition, inside and out. 

Protecting Your Stuff 

If you have ever taken valuables like skis, your bicycle or your musical instrument as cargo on a plane, train or bus, you may know how it feels to have something that you value damaged in transit. Every time you transport your valuables, you take the risk of loss or damage. Even if the stuff is insured, many things have sentimental value that an insurance settlement doesn't cover. Minimize your risk by safely stowing the things you treasure in a secure storage unit. Quality facilities like MySpace Self Storage double up on safety by requiring you to enter a code at the entrance gate as well as having a key to your unit. 

Preventing Wear and Tear 

When you store things in a friend's basement, they are subject dust and insect damage. If you transport them between home and school, they will eventually show the wear and tear of travel. If you put your belongings directly into storage instead, you can be confident that they will be waiting for you in exactly the same condition next fall as they were last spring, protected from accidental damages. You can also rest easy knowing that nobody will lose them or abuse them in your absence. That kind of peace of mind is priceless. 

After Graduation 

By the time you graduate from college, you will probably have more stuff than you thought possible way back in freshman year. Moving everything into a storage unit is a smart solution while you are looking for your new permanent home. You can take the time you need to find the right apartment or house without feeling pressured or weighted down by your possessions. Many graduates may be relocating to other towns, cities or countries and need to visit their new place and find suitable housing before moving their belongings. You won't have to impose upon friends or family to store your furniture in their garage, and you won't have to worry about loss due to theft while you scout out your dream home. 

MySpace Self Storage Can Help

In central Michigan, My Space Self Storage provides secure, clean, and convenient storage for spaced-challenged college students. We offer units that range in size from 25 to 300 square feet, plus outdoor spaces for vehicles, boats and RVs. Get in touch with us today to reserve your space.